How to Stop Adult Acne from Re-occurring …

Adult Acne – An Ever Present Problem….

The statistics are in, and about 20% of women still suffer from adult acne in some form, and in some cases suffer from even worse than when they were teenagers. There are few contributing factors that might be causing this problem to keep reoccurring

The Linen Problem

Very few people know that the pillow cases and pillows are major sources of contaminantsacne causes, acne solution and as a result pillow cases should be washed once per week and pillows once every six months.

If you reading this and then you take immediate steps to correct this by washing them both. This has been listed as the number one cause of Adult acne,

Hand Moisturizer – The Unusual Suspect

acne causesThis might not have occurred to you that your hand moisturizing cream might be causing your acne problem. There are chemical and ingredients that are in these creams, that might be great for your hands, but were never made to be in contact with your face.There are 5 non-communal genic that you must avoid putting on your face at all cost:

  1. coconut oil
  2. Algae Extract
  3. Sodium Chloride -(Salt)
  4. Lauryl Sulfate
  5. Isocetyl Stearate

Your Medication Could be the Culprit…

If you  are experiencing a sudden outbreak of Acne, two thinks to look out for:-

  • A multi-vitamin that has iodine in itacne causes
  • Or medications that have anabolic steroids in it
  • Anticonvulsants (like Dilantin). You would be taking these if you have epilepsy or other kinds of seizures. Most medications in this family list acne as a common side effect.
  • Corticosteroids (like Prednisone). These are often used to treat asthma and other chronic lung diseases. Like cortisol, a natural steroid produced by the body during times of intense stress, corticosteroids can stimulate sebum production and lead to acne.
  • Disulfiram (or Antabuse) this is prescribed to help chronic alcoholic patients who for whatever reason want to remain in a state of enforced sobriety. When mixed with alcohol, this drug causes a range of unpleasant symptoms intended to discourage further mixing. While this drug has had amazing results and done wonders for many people, it has cause acne in some people when used regularly.

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I hope this has been of some help to you in your fight against acne….